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Featured eBikes - Velotric

Velotric T1 ST

Range: Up to 52 Miles

Top Speed: 20 mph

Weight: 36lbs

Velotric Go 1

Range: 48 Miles

Top Speed: 20 mph

Weight: 65lbs

Velotric Packer 1

Range: 52 Miles

Top Speed: 20 mph

Weight: 75lbs

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eBikes USA Showroom

Our showroom is a welcoming environment to discover the best fit electric bike for your needs.

We recognize that the information and research  needed to find your perfect eBike can feel overwhelming. Let us help you find an eBike that feels right!

We take pride in providing easy-to-understand information on eBikes’ power systems, operations and capabilities so you can take on any terrain with spirit and tenacity. We can even customize your eBike to fit your needs.

Visit our showroom today for a personalized overview of eBikes  and fun test rides to ensure that you’re comfortable, confident and ready for your  adventures!

Get Back in the Saddle

eBikes USA Service Center

The great outdoors surely lives up to its name, but mother nature can be unpredictable. Luckily, our talented team can tackle the issues and service your eBike back to health!

Not only is your eBike’s health important to us, but so is yours. We assure you that your eBike will be in its best condition with our  services.

eBikes USA promotes preventative maintenance updates in our Service Center, and we’re known for our eBike  service skills. We maintain, repair and service your eBike to its highest potential,  no matter its starting condition. 

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The eBikes USA energy reflects our customers’ experiences with us. Your  comfort, safety, confidence and meeting your needs are what we aspire to  accomplish. Please keep us informed on your eBikes USA experience and  continued biking adventures!

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