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Service, Maintenance and Repair

Bikes break… eBikes USA repairs.

Our team promises to evaluate your eBike and repair what we can. When you come to us, your eBike is in the hands of people who care and want to ensure your safety.

We absolutely stand behind and service any bikes sold at eBikes USA, as owners that have purchased eBikes are automatically enrolled as an eBikes USA member in the Advantage Program. While we will do our best to service bikes purchased elsewhere, we may not be able to accommodate non-eBikes USA bicycles.

We reserve the right to deny service to non-eBikes USA bikes.

We are here to get you and your bike back on the road!

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Our Services

eBike Safety Check



  • Adjust torque setting on stem, handlebar, and crank bolts
  • Adjust torque setting on brake and shift lever bolts
  • Adjust torque setting on seat and seat post hardware
  • Check quick release skewers for proper use
  • Inspect all cables for wear, lube chain, and inflate tires
  • Inspect Frame 
  • Accident inspection
  • Check electronics for proper function

Standard eBike Tune-Up



  • eBike Safety Check
  • Frame cleaned and wiped down
  • Brakes and derailleurs adjusted
  • Wheels trued (on bike) and cleaned
  • All bearings adjust (headset, bottom bracket, etc)
  • Install accessories (not including fenders or racks)
  • Electronic components examined (firmware updated if needed)
  • Battery & Charger test (limited scope

*does not include price of parts

Deluxe eBike Tune-Up



  • Standard eBike Tune Up plus:
  • Complete removal, degreasing, and cleaning of drivetrain
  • Complete reinstall and lubrication of drivetrain
  • Frame detailing
  • Wheels trued and cleaned
*does not include price of parts

Brake Services

$35 - $75


  • $75 Hydraulic brake bleed (per brake)
  • $35 Mechanical disc brake adjustment (per brake)
  • $35 Hydraulic or Mechanical brake pad install (per brake)
*does not include price of parts

Electronics Diagnostics



  • Inspect and test Motor, Controller, Display and Throttle
  • Inspect and test wiring harness
  • Battery Capacity Test
  • Battery Load Test
  • Battery Voltage Output Test
  • Electrical System Voltage flow Triage
*minimum 1 Hour 

Tire Protection Plan



  • Remove wheels, tires, inspect and replace tubes if necessary
  • Install Mr. Tuffy Tire Liner or Tannus foam inserts based on tire application
  • Add tube sealant to both wheels
  • Reinstall wheels
  • Adjust wheels’ alignment if necessary

Now Offering Pick-up & Delivery for eBikes needing Service

25 mile or less – $75
25 mile plus – Please Inquire

Why Choose Us

We are eBike Experts

To be a part of the eBikes USA team, you must have a passion for eBikes, technology and culture. Your eBike is in the hands of someone who’s held the throttle and pushed the pedals!

We know the feel and function of eBikes and will  utilize our knowledge and skills to make your eBike as good as new. Your eBike will not leave the Service Center until we know we did our job right. We are the eBike experts you can trust.

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The eBike USA Experience

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The best ebike purchase I have ever made was when I bought my Super73 RX from eBikes USA in Mid July. Since my purchase, I have received nothing but top notch customer service from eBikes USA for accessories from tannus armour tubes, to tune up and even added my aftermarket seat!

eBikes USA Service Center

Hours: Monday – Friday, 10am-6pm
Saturday – Sunday, 10am-5pm


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