Denver eBike Rebate

Denver residents can save big on an eBike with the Denver electric bicycle rebate!
Visit the eBikes USA showroom to find your perfect eBike!

How to Claim your Rebate

  1. Be a resident of Denver county
  2. Head to Denver’s eBike rebate page and follow the instructions to register and claim your voucher.
  3. Note that a limited number of vouchers are available each month, so sign-up soon!
  4. Visit our Cherry Creek showroom to test ride some eBikes! Our expert and friendly staff will work to make sure you find the best suited eBike to you!
  5. As a participating eBike dealer, we can apply your voucher for an instant rebate towards the purchase of an eBike.
  6. Get out and ride!

Important Details / FAQs

When are they releasing more vouchers?

  • Monday, July 11
  • Monday, August 1 
  • Tuesday, September 6 
  • Monday, November 7
  • Monday, December 5

How much is the rebate voucher for?

  • $400 for all Denver residents ($900 Cargo)
  • $1,200 for income-qualified residents ($1,700 Cargo)

Who is eligible?

  • Denver residents (need to show proof of residency) over the age of 16 are eligible

Can I use the voucher on any eBike?

  • Electric motor cannot be above 750W or be gas powered. Mountain bikes with full suspension are not eligible.

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