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Obtaining a Denver E-Bike Rebate
Details & FAQs

How much is the rebate voucher for?

  • $300 for all Denver residents ($500 Cargo)
  • $1,200 for income-qualified residents ($1,400 Cargo)

Who is eligible?

  • Denver residents (need to show proof of residency) over the age of 16 are eligible

Can I use the voucher on any eBike?

  • Electric motor cannot be above 750W or be gas powered. Mountain bikes with full suspension are not eligible.

Where can I apply for a voucher?

  • Visit Denver’s eBike Rebate Website using the button below

When will more vouchers become available?

  •  July 25th
  • September 26th
  • November 28th

Obtaining a Colorado E-Bike Rebate
Details & FAQs

How much is the rebate voucher for?

Who is eligible?

  • Colorado residents (need to show proof of residency) who fall into the Income qualification – based on the index Area Median Income (AMI) in an individual’s county of residence.

Can I use the voucher on any eBike?

  • Electric motor cannot be above 750W or be gas powered. Mountain bikes with full suspension are not eligible. 

Where can I apply for a voucher?

  • Visit Colorado’s eBike Rebate Website using the button below

When will more vouchers become available?

  •  Mid-September


How to Redeem your Rebate

  1.  Visit the eBikes USA Cherry Creek showroom or our Outlet Store to test ride some eBikes! Our expert and friendly staff will work to make sure you find the best suited eBike to you!
  2. As a participating eBike dealer, we can apply your voucher for an instant rebate towards the purchase of an eBike.
  3. Get out and ride!

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E-Bike Benefits - Why Choose an eBike?

Electric bikes, or e-bikes/ebikes, are fast  becoming a popular mode of transportation in cities all across the U.S. They are not only more environmentally friendly than traditional combustion cars, but they’re also a more affordable and convenient way to get around town. Denver and now the state of Colorado have recognized these benefits that come with wider adoption and utilization of e-bikes and has launched a rebate program to encourage their use. 

Denver's Program

The Denver E-Bike Rebate program was initially launched in July 2021, and was designed to provide a financial incentive for residents to purchase an e-bike. Retail e-bike stores like eBikes USA partner with the City of Denver and accept the rebate vouchers from customers when purchasing an e-bike. We’re able to provide the rebate straight to the customer when the e-bike is purchased, so there is no waiting for a refund to show-up!

The Denver E-Bike Rebate program offers several types of rebates for residents who purchase a new e-bike:

  • Standard Rebate: As a Denver resident, you can save up to $300 on a standard e-bike or up to $500 on a cargo e-bike.

  • Income-Qualified Rebate: If you meet the income-qualified requirements, you can save up to $1,200 on an e-bike or up to $1,400 on a cargo e-bike.

  • Adaptive Rebate: If you are a person with a disability and you are unable to use a standard e-bike, you may be eligible to save up to $1,400 on an adaptive e-bike. Adaptive e-bikes are designed to meet individual and specialized needs of their specific riders. The adaptive rebate has a separate application process. If you are interested, please visit Denver’s E-Bike Rebate page and view the participant eligibility section.


Who is eligible for the Denver e-bike rebate? Program eligibility is based on residency, age and the e-bike that it is being applied to. The rebate is only available to residents of the city and county of Denver that are ages 16 and above. Also, the e-bike that the rebate is applied to must be a new purchase, cannot have a maximum speed greater than 28 miles per hour, and cannot have a motor that is larger than 750 watts. If you are unsure if a specific e-bike is eligible for the rebate, please contact us

Other Benefits

In addition to the rebate program, Denver has also implemented several other initiatives to promote the use of e-bikes. The city has installed e-bike charging stations at locations throughout the city, making it easier for residents to charge their bikes while they’re out and about. Denver has also added new bike lanes and infrastructure to make it safer and easier for cyclists to navigate the city.

The positives of e-bikes are numerous! They are more environmentally friendly (no emissions), promote healthier lifestyles (hello fun and active method of transportation) and they’re also faster and more convenient than traditional bikes (who doesn’t love the throttle feature when you don’t feel like peddling?). 

The Denver E-Bike Rebate program is an excellent initiative that promotes the use of e-bikes in the city and helps to make e-bikes more affordable for residents, while the infrastructure improvements and new charging stations make it even easier to use them on a long term basis. As more cities across the country implement similar programs, we can expect to see a significant increase in the use of e-bikes, which will be a boon to the environment and general public health.

For more information or to apply for the rebate, visit: https://denverrebate.azurewebsites.net/ and then visit eBikes USA with your voucher to use it towards a purchase of an eBike! Our team is passionate about finding the best e-bike to fit your needs.

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