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Houshmand Moarefi has been a passionate bicyclist for many years. In 2015, he  embarked on an adventure when he purchased his first electric bicycle through  a Kickstarter campaign. He never looked back and still has that first eBike today. Of  course, he had to rebuild the bike when he burned out the motor climbing Mt. Evans  (topping out at 14,271 feet) in Colorado.  

Houshmand put more than 3,000 miles on his first eBike during the first year. Then  he decided he wanted to experiment with the bike and added a second  motor, making it an all-wheel electric bike. While this was the first customization he  made to his eBikes, it is hardly the last. He often researches new ideas  and formulates plans for building custom eBikes. 

Houshmand often jokes that he had to open an electric bike store because his wife  told him he needed to move his creations from the garage. While that is partially  true, it was not uncommon for him to be building bikes in the family’s living room  during the cold winter months. His family is grateful he now has more space  to develop his creations that don’t interfere with family movie nights.

The eBikes USA Experience


We educate you to feel completely confident on your eBike purchase, no matter  your experience level. With the knowledge gained during your eBikes USA visit,  you’ll be conquering any terrain in no time. Experience the eBikes’ impact  socially, physically and spiritually.


eBikes USA keeps your well-being in mind at all times. Whether we’re servicing  your bike after an accident, simply replacing a part or assisting you in  discovering the perfect eBike for your needs, we will nurture you with sincerity.  Our first concern is your comfort and safety. Always.


The eBikes USA experience equips you with ease. Browse through our eBikes,  take a test ride by the South Platte River  and enjoy a fun and engaging shopping experience! We will customize your eBike  for its intended use, producing a product unique to you. Engineering the best fit bike for you
is what we do! 

The eBike USA Experience

What People are Saying

The eBikes USA energy reflects our customers’ experiences with us. Your  comfort, safety, confidence and meeting your needs are what we aspire to  accomplish. Please keep us informed on your eBikes USA experience and  continued biking adventures!

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Wow! What service by this whole team! I came in to try to figure out if I could make adjustments to my current bike to make it fit or get an ebike. Without any fee or trying to get me to buy something I did not need, the whole team gathered around me to make suggestions and adjustments on my current bike. I was so touched that I wanted to pay them something and they refused. This review was the best way to commend everyone for their service. Thank you!
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The best ebike purchase I have ever made was when I bought my Super73 RX from eBikes USA in Mid July. Since my purchase, I have received nothing but top notch customer service from eBikes USA for accessories from tannus armour tubes, to tune up and even added my aftermarket seat!
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First and foremost… Buy your e-bike from eBikes USA in Denver! I highly recommend that you visit and request Mike who has been extremely informative as we worked through 1-2 issues related to regarding my Aventon bike. Mike Paoloni, and the owner Houshmand, communicated frequently and stood behind all the service/warranty reasons that anyone should buy a semi-sophisticated piece of equipment like an e-Bike. Made the process real easy. You will need service, you will have questions – Mike and the team at eBikes USA will be there continually for you and your product. Great store, great products, the best customer service that anyone could ask for! My recommendation: Don’t order on-line but go to this reputable location in Denver. You will not be sorry in purchasing from eBikes USA. A very satisfied customer here!

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Our focus is on helping others pursue the power of exploration, adventure and a  healthy lifestyle. If you’re passionate about eBikes, technology and culture, cultivate the experience with us and apply today!

A little about us — We believe our business is not just selling or servicing eBikes, but rather creating great experiences for our customers. We believe that owning an eBike opens the door for people to experience life in a whole new and fun way, and we want everyone to experience that. We are engineers and enthusiasts that understand the workings of eBikes and also use them on a daily basis because we love them so much.

A little about you —  You believe that a job worth doing is worth doing well. You are passionate about continuing to cultivate an environment of knowledge, care and ease for our customers and make sure they have a great experience while in our showroom or service center. You don’t have to be a salesperson, but you are willing and able to strike up a conversation with a customer, get to know them and their needs, and help them in their buying decision. You are looking to grow yourself and the team you are a part of. Previous experience with eBikes is preferred, but not necessary. 

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