eBikes USA Pricing: Transparency and Value for Every Rider

At eBikes USA, our commitment to transparency and providing exceptional value to our customers is reflected in every aspect of our operations, especially in how we structure our pricing. Understanding our pricing model can help you see the added value we offer with each eBike.


Built-In Value Beyond the Price Tag

Since our inception in 2020, our pricing policy has included a nominal markup of $200 above the typical online pricing. This isn’t just a number; it represents a package of benefits designed to enhance your eBiking experience from day one that we like to call the eBikes USA Advantage. This markup covers professional assembly by our trained technicians, ensuring that every eBike is set up to meet rigorous standards of performance and safety. Additionally, it includes a 300 miles or three months safety check and ongoing warranty services available through our dedicated Service Center.


Supporting Quality and Safety

We choose to carry only direct-to-consumer brands that meet our high standards for quality and support. These brands often use less costly components to keep their prices competitive, which necessitates meticulous assembly and quality checks by our team. Furthermore, since August of 2023, every eBike we sell is U/L certified, guaranteeing adherence to the highest safety standards.


Adjusting to Market Realities

The recent introduction of a state tax credit for eBikes in Colorado on April 1 has spiked demand, particularly for more affordable models. Despite facing our own rising costs—like wages, real estate, and goods—we strive to meet this demand efficiently, sometimes extending our workforce hours. These adjustments ensure we continue to provide a reliable shopping and service experience. Currently our nominal surcharge over direct to consumer online price is $300 to offset the additional costs and to be able to participate in Colorado tax credit program.  This ensures we can offer our Colorado based customers the $450 tax credit at time of purchase and to remain relevant in Colorado’s competitive market.


Seasonal Offers and Sales

Recognizing the financial commitments of our customers, we strategically offer special pricing during key sales periods like Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Additionally, from January through March, we actively promote older inventory at reduced prices to make way for new arrivals in the spring—just in time for the peak riding season.


Open Communication

We believe in open and honest communication with our customers about our pricing strategy. By explaining the reasons behind our pricing, such as assembly and service costs, we ensure customers understand the value they receive. We also guide customers towards alternative eBike options that might offer them better value, should their preferences or budgets differ.


At eBikes USA, every pricing decision is made with our customers’ best interests at heart. We’re committed to providing not only a product but a full-service experience that assures satisfaction and maximizes the value of your investment in an eBike.

Have questions about how eBikes USA prices their products? Contact the founder and CEO, Houshmand Moarefi at [email protected] for more information.

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