The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your New eBike!

eBikes can serve so many functions! Whether it’s commuting, fitness, leisure, or adventure riding or some combination of those – there’s a bike for you! Defining what experience you are looking for will help narrow some of your choices and ensure you find an eBike that will fulfill those preferences.

Given the vast array of options available, purchasing a new eBike can be an exhilarating yet daunting task. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade, making an informed decision is crucial. This guide aims to simplify your decision-making process. Here’s what you should consider when selecting the perfect eBike for your needs.

1. Serviceability and Support
Consider whether you can service the bike yourself or if you have a trusted shop that can handle it. It’s vital to know if the shop will work on your eBike, regardless of its brand or model.

Here at eBikes USA, we pride ourselves on servicing any eBikes that we have sold, regardless if we are carrying the brand in-store currently. We also do our best to help the community with their eBikes even if purchased online, from another dealer, or second-hand.

Wherever you live and whatever type of bike you have, the support of a trusted and friendly local bike shop will ensure it stays on the road for more miles with more smiles.

2. Budget: Now and Later
Think about your budget. Not only in terms of the initial purchase, but also for future upgrades, customizations, and service. These might include changes to tires, handlebars, grips, pedals, saddles, or additional accessories to suit your specific requirements. Future service will include things such as tune-ups, flat tire repairs, as well as drivetrain and brake adjustments.

Many city and state governments are offering various eBike incentives to offset the cost.These might come in the form of a rebate voucher or tax credit. For example, here are links to both Denver and Colorado’s rebate programs:


3. Performance Expectations
Consider how you will use your eBike as the distances traveled, speed requirements, and the terrain you plan to tackle are all important factors. These considerations will help determine the right amount of power and battery life requirements for your adventures.

4. Sensor and Drive Preferences
eBikes come with different sensors to activate the system (cadence or torque) and motors (hub or mid-drive). These options can significantly affect the riding experience, so testing more than one type to see which works best for you is highly recommended.

Also, think about whether you want a throttle feature as well as the pedal assist. The throttle can be used to accelerate the bike without needing to pedal, which can be useful for those that are unwilling or unable to pedal at all times. It can also be useful for our friends who aren’t as adept at changing their gears as efficiently, however, not all bikes have this option available.

5. Frame Design & Seating Position
The frame’s appearance and size are more important than you might think. Decide if you prefer a traditional bike look or an eBike appearance, a one-size-fits-most style or a specific frame size, and whether you want a step-thru or step-over frame.

Your comfort is key. Whether you prefer an upright and relaxed position, a more athletic commuter or mountain bike style, or an aggressive and sporty posture, there’s an eBike for you.

7. Weight Considerations
If the eBike’s weight is a concern, define your acceptable weight range. This can influence portability and ease of use.

Generally speaking, most eBikes will be considerably heavier than a traditional bike to accommodate the additional power and weight of the electric system. Lighter eBikes tend to have less powerful systems and/or can get pricier if using more exotic materials like carbon and higher end components to keep the cost down. Many of these are going to be more fitness-oriented eschewing things like big motors, batteries, and often lack throttles. This could be a pro or a con depending on your wants and needs.

8. Terrain Compatibility
Identify the primary terrain you’ll be riding on, be it paved paths, gravel, dirt, or a mix. This will guide you towards an eBike with the right specifications for durability and performance.

9. Legal Restrictions
Be aware of any eBike regulations in your area, including class or speed restrictions. Some eBikes allow you to limit speed via a display or an app to comply with local laws. There are some types of trails and areas that do not permit eBikes with throttles. Keep in mind, many newer eBikes with throttles do have a way to disable them, if needed.

10. Customization vs. Reliability
Finally, decide if you value unique, custom features that may require specific maintenance and parts or if you prefer standard, off-the-shelf components for easier servicing.

There is a good amount to think about, but with any such investment, considering your wants and needs to see which bike ticks as many of those boxes as possible will help you get the best value and enjoyment out of your purchase. Safe travels and happy riding!

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